How to get here

From the International Airport of Cuzco.-

  • We can secure pick up service to and from the International Airport of Cuzco (Alejandro Velasco Astete). It is a 50-minute drive by car on the paved road Cusco-Pisac-Calca-Urubamba.
  • Taxis charge around 50 soles. Please make sure to set a price in advance.
  • Minivans (aka combis) in Cuzco can be hired for 4-5 soles per passenger and carry up to 12 people.

From the city of Cuzco.-

  1. Start your trip on the busy estación de buses on Puputi street (located next to the Colegio Nacional Inca Garcilaso de la Vega).
  2. Take one of the combis (4-5 soles, 50 minutes, 50km) that go via Pisac and stop in Calca. The ride is on a comfortable paved road with scenic views.
  3. Alternatively, you may take the combis that go to Calca via Urubamba, although this is a sligthly longer route.

From Pisac or Urubamba.-

  1. Take one of the combis that shuttle between Pisac (2.5 soles, 20 minutes, 18 km) and Urubamba (3 soles, 25 minutes, 21 km).
  2. Stop at the terminal terrestre (bus station) of Calca.

From Calca.-

  • It is a 20 minute walk. We offer pick-up service from the terminal terrestre de Calca, just tell us in advance.