Our house

We welcome everyone looking for a getaway from the noise and stress of urban life.

Terrace with a view
Our large courtyard offers tables and chairs for guests to relax and admire the scenery.

Solar energy
To reflect the heritage of the local culture and preserve the natural environment, our lodge uses solar energy that provides electricity and hot water. We encourage our guests to use these services sparingly and to participate in our recycling program.

We don’t have a general heating system. Calca is considerably warmer than Cuzco, and due to the thick adobe walls, heat is retained, and very few guests comment on the cold. However, we can provide you with a space heater, if needed. We also have extra blankets and warm alpaca blankets and down comforters.

Camping area
We have a camping area in our facility to accommodate guests who have checked-in but wish to spend the night on a tent and enjoy the evening under the stars in an open but safe area.

Please take advantage of our small nursery where we will gladly show you the use of local medicinal plants and herbs.

Private Cottage
Would you like to stay in our private cottage?
In an adjacent terrace we have a small private cottage which can be reserved by guests planning to stay longer periods (one month or more) for purposes of healing, study or research. Please ask for details.